3 Healthy Snack Ideas From Our Weight Loss Center

weight loss physicianMembers of our weight loss center are constantly looking for great snack ideas that help satisfy hunger while keeping the calorie count down. Our weight loss doctor shared several innovative snack ideas that keep things healthy while satisfying a number of cravings. These snacks are low carb and high in protein and fiber, which can provide many essential nutrients while satiating those hunger pangs that can seriously jeopardize your diet. Each of these requires very little preparation, if any, and can easily be taken with you to work or school.

Try some of these healthy snack ideas out and let us know what you think.

1. An apple with butter. A nut butter, that is. This snack is packed with nutrients and provides an excellent blend of protein, fiber and healthy fats. Apples are packed with fiber, which satisfies hunger for hours, and rank second in terms of antioxidant content. Choose cashew, almond or peanut butter for your daily dose of healthy fats, In addition, the nut butter provides protein and can help curb a sweet tooth. Just don’t overdo the nut butter that you choose—moderation is key.

2. Frozen Greek-yogurt parfait. Craving ice cream? Swap out the obvious for a blend of low-fat Greek yogurt layered with your favorite berries. Store in the freezer for a few hours and you’ll have a protein-and-fiber packed snack that tastes truly indulgent. Plus, berries are packed with antioxidants; try blackberries, strawberries, blueberries or raspberries for best results.

3. Veggies and hummus. Our weight loss doctor recommends this mainstay among high-protein snacks. Hummus is loaded with protein and healthy fats, which both help curb your appetite. Try an array of colorful vegetables to up the nutrient content—some of our favorites include carrots, sliced red and yellow peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and broccoli.

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Michelle Y.
Michelle Y.
2017-07-17 15:11:38
Great staff. Knowledge and pleasant. Getting healthy after some crazy long days working over the past few years! Time to get fit!
Jeicel G.
Jeicel G.
2017-06-27 22:25:54
I couldn't be happier! The staff is awesome... though I only have seen the doctor twice, I'm ok because the team is great! The only issue for me really is...
Toni T.
Toni T.
2017-11-09 04:02:50
Great program with very supportive personnel. Great work out class on Sunday.