Avoid holiday weight gain with better health through nutrition

The holidays are here, which is a favorite time of year for people all over the world. Yet the population of those following diets and weight loss management programs often dread this season. More than half of Americans will gain weight between Thanksgiving and the New Year—and most will not lose it after the holidays pass.

With parties and festive gatherings with family, friends and coworkers, it seems impossible to avoid temptation. Some of the meals put in front of us this season can total more than 2000 calories—if you also eat breakfast and lunch, and then spend the day in a sedentary fashion, you can easily gain a pound in just one day! Instead of giving in to all the holiday temptation, there are some steps you can take to make sure that you maintain your weight loss and don’t regain a pound this season. Here are some tips we offer at our nutrition counseling center to keep yourself happy and healthy.

Log every meal. Keeping track of your meals in a food journal is a great way to assess your eating habits, especially when you’re trying to be healthy for life. But it’s even more essential this time of year, considering all the temptations we’ll be surrounded with. Every bite adds up—keep track so that you’ll think twice about everything you plan on putting in your mouth.

Jump on the scale. Whether you make a weekly visit to a nutrition counseling center to check your weight or do it on a scale at home, it’s important to keep it in check by catching any extra weight that creeps in. When you detect it early, you can check yourself and do damage control.

Keep things normal. Stick to your normal routine as much as possible. Try to get 7-9 hours of sleep every day (or what’s best for you) so that you don’t get overtired or stressed, which may lead to overeating. If you know your season will be hectic, schedule a couple massages in advance to help you distress.

Eat healthy on your off-times. Whenever you don’t have a party or special event to attend, make sure you aim for better health through nutrition. Make it a point to still eat breakfast every day and to load up on fruits, veggies and fiber-packed meals so that you don’t overeat when you do have events. Try to make it a point to cook and prepare as many meals as possible at home, so you can control the calorie content and nutrients.

Beware the buffet. Most parties this time of year have a buffet table so people can socialize while they snack.  Make sure to eat a hunger-satiating snack before you head to a party, so that you’ll be less apt to overeat at the buffet table. This will help you to only choose buffet treats that are your favorites, rather than eating calorie-laden items just because they’re there.

Get moving. Exercise is key to experiencing success with weight loss management programs and being healthy for life. Kick your workouts up a notch this season, perhaps increasing the time and frequency that you work out.  Or try joining a Yoga or Pilates Class.  You’ll most likely need to burn off some additional calories, so for the next few weeks, take a walk around the block at lunch or hit the gym for an extra session or two of resistance training and cardio work.

Imbibe with caution. While we don’t necessarily recommend drinking alcohol when you’re trying to gain better health through nutrition, you’ll most likely be tempted at the festivities this season. So make a game plan—strive to drink one glass of water between each alcoholic drink, and choose healthy options, such as those mixed with club soda. Egg Nog comes in at about 450 calories per glass, so you may want to avoid it altogether.

Get back in the game. If you get off track one day, don’t guilt yourself. Simply get right back on track the very next morning. Continue with the diet that your nutrition counseling center recommended for you and exercise as soon as you can. Try to exercise for some extra time the next day to help compensate for overeating. One day here and another there will not automatically ruin your diet and destroy all your results.

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