Free Fitness

Join us every Saturday morning at 7:30 for a free, group workout at the state-of-the-art Trifecta Fit Sport gym. Working with our group is Meredith McClain, trainer extraordinaire and the best motivator in the business. Joining you will be Healthy for Life staff members and Dr. Kim. We’re serious when we say we’re here to help you succeed! These sessions are free to all Healthy for Life members. You’ll tone, improve your balance and cardiovascular profile. Kick off your weekend with a kick in the pants!

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Why Lose Weight Only to Gain it Back

We focus on not only getting you to lose weight, but helping you keep it off. In fact, our greatest success stories come from helping people maintain their weight loss management for years. Losing weight is so much more than changing what you eat. It’s understanding how the body reacts to certain foods. It’s understanding how certain behaviors and habits develop that lead us to eat. Our nutrition counseling center will give you the means and the tools to maintain that control!