Get in Shape for Summer

Get in shape this summerWhether you’re following a diet on your own or working with a weight loss center, being active is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. The more active we are, the more calories we burn—and if you burn more than you consume, you’ll experience the weight loss that you’re striving for.

An exercise regimen can significantly boost your diet efforts and improve your overall health. In addition, when you adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes regular workouts, you’ll be more likely to maintain your weight loss for the long term.

The staff at our weight loss center recommends following the exercise guidelines that were developed by the Department of Health and Human Services. They recommend both cardiovascular and strength training for optimum health.

Cardiovascular workouts. Healthy individuals should strive for a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week. If you already exercise regularly or have hit a plateau, you will need to increase the amount of minutes. Those trying to lose weight should probably double that amount if their physician deems it safe. A combination of both moderate and vigorous cardiovascular exercise may yield the best results, as it keeps your muscles guessing which helps you avoid a plateau.

Strength training. Resistance and strength training are essential for healthy bones and building the lean muscle you need to increase your caloric burn. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends that individuals do strength training a minimum of twice a week. However, if you’re trying to lose weight, you should increase that as you progressively get in better shape.

Flexibility training. This is the third pillar of fitness and just as important to incorporate as cardiovascular and strength training. Boosting flexibility will help you avoid injuries in your other workouts and everyday activities while enhancing your overall athletic performance. Try stretching before and after your workouts, in the morning and the evening, and add some flexibility training into your routine, such as yoga, Pilates or gymnastics classes.


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Healthy For Life
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Michelle Y.
Michelle Y.
2017-07-17 15:11:38
Great staff. Knowledge and pleasant. Getting healthy after some crazy long days working over the past few years! Time to get fit!
Jeicel G.
Jeicel G.
2017-06-27 22:25:54
I couldn't be happier! The staff is awesome... though I only have seen the doctor twice, I'm ok because the team is great! The only issue for me really is...
Toni T.
Toni T.
2017-11-09 04:02:50
Great program with very supportive personnel. Great work out class on Sunday.