Low Carb Ahi Salad

low carb ahi saladThis Asian-inspired low carb ahi salad is super popular among members of our weight loss clinic because it’s refreshing and delicious yet perfect for diets and weight management programs. It’s fast and easy to make but packed with taste—the whole family will enjoy it, whether or not they’re watching their weight.

Ahi tuna is an ideal food for a high-protein, low diet. In addition to its high protein content, ahi is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are excellent for a healthy heart, as they are linked to a lower risk of atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart arrhythmia and cardiovascular disease. Ahi is also packed with B vitamins that are essential for appetite control, healthy digestion, neurological function and a good metabolism. It contains vitamin D and an array of important minerals, such as phosphorus, magnesium and potassium, as well as other trace minerals. Ahi is a also a good source of a unique form of selenium called selenoneine, which is a powerful antioxidant that combats free radical damage.

The zesty flavors in this recipe make it a favorite at our weight loss clinic because the spices also boost our metabolism and boast a variety of antioxidant benefits. Who knew that a meal could taste this good and be a part of low carb diets and weight management programs?

32 ounces of sushi grade ahi tuna
4 cups baby spinach
Zest of 1 lime
½ cup fresh lime juice
½ cup red bell pepper
½ cup freshly grated ginger
½ cup scallions, diced

1 tsp Wasabi powder
2 tsp low-sodium soy sauce
Himalayan sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Boil a pot of water with a dash of salt. Add ahi to the water and reduce the heat to medium or medium low. Cook for approximately 12 minutes. When the ahi is done, put it on a cutting board and let it cool for approximately five minutes. Slice it into bite size pieces. Put the baby green spinach in a bowl and add the ahi, scallions, red bell pepper and ginger.

Combine the lime juice, lime zest, wasabi powder and low-sodium soy sauce in a dressing bowl and season with Himalayan sea salt and pepper. Drizzle the dressing over the top and enjoy!

image: nutritionistinthekitch.com

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