Our mission is to help people achieve lasting, sustainable weight loss. We are able to help our clients achieve this because we recognize that being overweight and obese is more than a nutritional disorder; it is also a social disorder. Our ability to maintain healthy eating habits gets derailed by our social obligations. Whether it’s a busy job that generates stress and poor sleep, or co-workers who bring unhealthy foods to the office, or it’s eating on the go with a busy family, it’s the many roles that we play that lead to unhealthy eating habits.

Getting friends and family to “buy in” to your new healthy habits is instrumental in your long-term success. If everyone around you made it a priority to be healthy, your efforts would no longer be a struggle. Our referral and rewards programs are structured to make it easier for your friends and family to get involved. Their success ensures your success and vice versa. Our Facebook community provides a venue to share experiences, ideas, restaurant reviews and recipes. We hope to surround you with like-minded individuals. We also encourage you to join the Healthy for Life staff at our free Saturday morning workouts at Trifecta Fit Sport, right next to our office. We don’t just teach it, we live it. This is what drives the long-term success of our clients.


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Why Lose Weight Only to Gain it Back

We focus on not only getting you to lose weight, but helping you keep it off. In fact, our greatest success stories come from helping people maintain their weight loss management for years. Losing weight is so much more than changing what you eat. It’s understanding how the body reacts to certain foods. It’s understanding how certain behaviors and habits develop that lead us to eat. Our nutrition counseling center will give you the means and the tools to maintain that control!