5 Quick Tips for Reducing Belly Fat

Checking waistline at weight loss clinicBelly fat can be one of the hardest areas to eliminate—but if you develop healthy eating habits and exercise regularly, you can change this area and improve your overall health. Here are some proven strategies from our weight loss clinic for reducing fat and losing weight, which will lead to a decrease in that stubborn fat in the abdominal cavity.

1. Load up on lean protein. When you’re striving for better health through nutrition, it’s essential to consume lean protein—even more so when you’re trying to lose stubborn belly fat. This important macronutrient reduces cravings, fills you up longer and build lean muscle mass which in turn boosts your metabolism. Much research has shown that eating lean protein is inversely linked to belly fat.

2. Incorporate longlasting exercise sessions. While high-intensity workouts are getting a lot of attention, several obesity studies have shown that continuous, steady exercise may be more effective for losing fat. See what works best for you—maybe it’s a mashup for high-intensity and longer steady sessions.

3. Eliminate soda. Both sodas and diet versions have been shown to increase belly fat and are linked to sugar cravings, which causes overall weight gain. Reach for water with lemon when you’re thirsty.

4. Avoid refined grains. You’ll see significant difference if you limit the simple carbs, especially those packed with refined grains, such a white bread, baked goods, pasta, rice and the like. Instead, reach for whole grain versions and complex cabs that take longer to digest and fill you up, such as quinoa, millet and steel-cut oatmeal.

5. Ditch the sugar. One of the quickest ways to see a difference in your waistline is to eliminate refined sugars and to avoid adding sugar to your meals and beverages. Excessive sugar consumption has a direct correlation to belly fat, as well as other health issues, such as diabetes.

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Michelle Y.
Michelle Y.
2017-07-17 15:11:38
Great staff. Knowledge and pleasant. Getting healthy after some crazy long days working over the past few years! Time to get fit!
Jeicel G.
Jeicel G.
2017-06-27 22:25:54
I couldn't be happier! The staff is awesome... though I only have seen the doctor twice, I'm ok because the team is great! The only issue for me really is...
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Toni T.
2017-11-09 04:02:50
Great program with very supportive personnel. Great work out class on Sunday.