What is more important when you’re trying to lose weight— working out or cutting calories?

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What is more important when you’re trying to lose weight—working out or cutting calories?

This is a very common question that people ask when they visit our nutrition counseling center. While exercise is fundamental to being healthy for life, working out alone will not lead to weight loss—though cutting calories can. However, we do stress that the most ideal scenario is to incorporate both into your lifestyle.

Dieting alone affects greater changes in your body’s caloric balance than just exercise, as caloric balance is ultimately what leads to weight loss. However, we strongly encourage our clients to exercise for a variety of reasons besides just improving health and fitness levels.

For starters, working out helps keep your eating under control. Most people who work out regularly limit their consumption because they don’t want to sabotage all the hard work they’re putting in at the gym or in exercise classes. No one wants to waste all the good they’re doing by eating unhealthy foods. Another obvious reason why we promote exercise as a part of weight loss management is obvious—it revs your metabolism and burns calories. However, working out does not burn as many as most people believe.

Often times, individuals trying to lose weight begin an exercise program under the assumption that working out will melt away the pound. The truth is, our bodies are highly efficient—when you exert yourself and limited your caloric intake, your body will react accordingly, an actually metabolize less fat.

While it’s true that workouts burn calories, what’s even more important to keep in mind is that it sensitizes our bodies to insulin, the hormone that helps regulate the sugar levels in our bodies. Working out helps to keep insulin levels low, which is essential to weight loss as it is somewhat responsible for the accumulation of fat in our bodies. So workouts are important to losing weight both directly and indirectly.

When you work with a nutrition counseling center like ours, we help you to tailor our weight loss management recommendations for your lifestyle, and use our up-to-date scientific and medical knowledge to find the best type of plans for you, so that you can maintain the results over the long-term and truly become healthy for life.

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Michelle Y.
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