3 Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight

Healthy-for-LifeSometimes we can follow of the best diets or weight management programs, work out regularly and still not see the scale budge. This can be due to obstacles we are unaware of that are keeping us from hitting are weight loss goals. The good news is, they can be identified and addressed so that you can achieve the success you’re working so hard to achieve.

Here are a three common obstacles and ways to break through them.

1. Too much stress. We all have different levels of stress associated with our work, family and social lives, in addition to our health. That stress can accumulate or turn into anxiety, which can increase your levels of the hormone cortisol. This leads to belly fat, sugar binges and fat cravings, which all contribute to weight gain. Keep your stress in check by adopting some new techniques for reducing its impact on your life. Learn now to meditate, go for a walk outside, call a friend or employ some deep breathing techniques.

2. Lack of sleep. Research shows that most Americans do not get enough sleep each night. This can be due to stress, health issues and an uncomfortable sleeping environment. When you don’t get adequate sleep, this throws off the hormones that impact your appetite, making you overeat and slowing down your metabolism. Aim to get seven to nine hours per night. Go to sleep early and transform your bedroom into a sleep haven with the most comfortable bed and bedding possible, blackout curtains and no devices in the vicinity.

3. Not enough lean muscle. This obstacle affects women more, since in general, their bodies have greater fat and less muscle then men. Less muscle results in lower resting metabolic rates, which means less calories burnt overall. Increase your lean muscle mass by eating source of lean protein and implementing a regular strength training routine. In addition, stay away from any diets that put you into starvation mode, as they make it harder for your metabolism to function properly.

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Toni T.
Toni T.
2017-11-09 04:02:50
Great program with very supportive personnel. Great work out class on Sunday.
Michelle Y.
Michelle Y.
2017-07-17 15:11:38
Great staff. Knowledge and pleasant. Getting healthy after some crazy long days working over the past few years! Time to get fit!
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Jeicel G.
2017-06-27 22:25:54
I couldn't be happier! The staff is awesome... though I only have seen the doctor twice, I'm ok because the team is great! The only issue for me really is...