3 Ways to Green Your Summer Nights

Fresh lettuceThe heat is still on—and while many are heading back to school, the weather beckons lighter fare in line with the weather here in Southern California. If you’re on a diet or weight loss management program, it’s the perfect time to opt for some low carb options when planning your meals. An easy way to do that is to feature greens as part of your entrée to ensure your meal is packed with fiber, nutrients and antioxidants.

Some excellent choices are spinach, arugula, kale, collard greens, broccoli and even iceberg lettuce, which is often overlooked as it is not as nutrient-rich as other greens, yet yields an impressive water content and provides an awesome foundation for wraps. Here are some quick and easy ways to get some greens in your summer nights.

1. Wrap your veggies. Toss your favorite veggies into a spinach or iceberg foundation with some balsamic vinegar or even an avocado dip for rich creaminess. Opt for nutrient-rich veggies such as tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots and Alfafa sprouts, but also think outside the box and throw in some hearty antioxidant-loaded options like sweet potatoes.

2. Wrap your fruit. Add some Asian flair to your greens with some brown rice and a spicy sauce like Sriracha, along with your favorite fruits. Get creative—try some tropical mangoes and papayas or throw in some blood or mandarin oranges, grapefruit or even kiwi. Berries are also a surprisingly great addition to any wrap.

3. Wrap your burger. If you must have a burger, we’re hoping that it’s veggie or turkey—or at least lean, grass-fed beef. Either way, you can take the carb count down several notches by skipping the bun and wrapping your burger in iceberg lettuce. They call this “protein style” at In-N-Out and it’s actually a very popular item on their secret menu.

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