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Food scoreNext to a Payday bar, Peanut M&Ms are my favorite candies. Or at least they were. Now I just find them too sweet and they’re not ideal when you’re striving for weight loss management. A few months ago, I was lured into eating a few. The memory of that taste was just too strong and I couldn’t resist. But after I had a couple, I couldn’t eat anymore because they were so much sweeter than I remembered.

The Atkins peanut candies aren’t as sweet. They also lack the same creaminess that you get from real chocolate, but I found it still very tasty. The candy shell had that same crunch that you get from all M&M chocolates. Taste wise, I would say it’s a pretty good substitute.

Boxback of box

The blood sugar measurements were interesting. My blood sugar deviated quite a bit. A 37 point deviation is fairly significant and pretty surprising given that the other Atkins food products hadn’t really affected my blood sugar measurements. As a means of comparison, the Atkins Peanut Caramel Cluster Bar only caused a 7 point deviation in my blood sugar level. That being said, Chris and Lili experienced much smaller changes in their sugar levels, demonstrating the importance of doing these tests on multiple people.

Given the blood sugar level changes, I recommend the Peanut Caramel Cluster Bar over these chocolate candies and caution people to limit their consumption of the chocolates if they’re really looking to manage their blood sugar levels and achieve weight loss management.

glucose mm


ketone mm (1)

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