Avoid packing on the pounds this Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weight loss tipsMemorial Day weekend is typically a festive holiday, as it kicks off the summer and gives us a chance to celebrate and spend time with our friends and loved ones. While this may mean parties with lots of opportunity to eat and imbibe, it doesn’t mean you have to toss your healthy lifestyle to the wind this weekend. All you need is a plan to stay on track with diets and weight management programs without depriving yourself.

Here are a few strategies that members of our nutrition counseling center shared with us for getting through Memorial Day festivities without packing on the pounds.

BYOD—as in Bring Your Own Dish. Bring a healthy yet tasty dish to the party. This ensures that there is a healthy choice at the party, while providing a little help to the host. Even something as simple as a healthy salad loaded with leafy greens and seasonal produce or a fresh fruit bowl will be a hit. Eat your own healthy dish and then just sample the other offerings. You’ll enjoy yourself and not feel deprived, without “cheating” on your healthy for life diet.

Go for the smaller plate. Nearly every nutrition counseling center recommends practicing portion control in order to lose weight or to maintain a diet that’s healthy for life. Keep this in mind, even at parties and barbecues. An easy way to do this is to opt for a smaller plate at the buffet table. This automatically reduces your consumption, and if you eat slowly, you’ll most likely be full after just one plate.

Limit the liquids. Beverages such as alcohol, sugary sodas and juices can quickly blow up our calorie counts for the day, which ultimately leads to weight gain and a bloated feeling. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and choose the most low calorie drinks that you can find. If you choose to imbibe an alcoholic drink, avoid fattening mixers and opt to mix with seltzer or soda water instead.

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