Breakfast keeps you healthy for life

If your goal is to be healthy for life, then one thing you should never do is skip breakfast. Your first meal of the day is a fundamental—it has the power to reduce your hunger throughout the rest of the day, and make you less apt to overeat while revving your metabolism.

If you’re trying to achieve better health thru nutrition, eating a healthy breakfast will help you make healthy choices throughout the rest of your day. When you skip breakfast, you may feel ravenous later on, which can lead you to overeat and even consume junk food to satiate your hunger. Think about all those times you’ve hit the vending machines—chances are they happened on days that you missed that crucial first meal of the day.

In addition, fasting for prolonged periods, such as after a night’s sleep, may increase your body’s response to insulin, causing it to go into starvation mode, which results in a sluggish metabolism, and ultimately, fat storage and weight gain. Fasting can quickly derail even the best diets and weight management plans.

Eating a good breakfast keeps you healthy for life in more ways than one—when you start the day with a balanced meal, you’ll be more likely to eat well the rest of the day. If you have fruit in the morning, guess what? You just may want it again as a snack or with your other meals later on in the day. A healthy breakfast is step one in attaining better health thru nutrition.

Another benefit of eating a healthy breakfast is that it provides you with energy throughout the rest of your busy day and gives you fuel for physical activity.  Studies show that those who skip breakfast typically work out less and engage in less exercise overall. Most weight loss plans and management programs recommend increased physical activity for losing weight and maintaining results—therefore, it’s imperative that your body has the fuel it needs to perform workouts.

You may want to visit a nutrition counseling center to get further information on healthy breakfasts. In the meantime, here are some tips for meals to start your day right: 1) Make sure to eat protein—some good choices are eggs and protein shakes with fruit. 2) Eat what sounds good to you. There are no hard rules about eating breakfast. Who says you can’t eat a spinach salad with chicken or salmon in the morning? If that sounds good to you, go for it! That’s a meal that many diets and weight management plans recommend, so it certainly doesn’t matter what time of day you consume it. 3) If you need the extra time, get up 20 minutes early so you can prepare and east breakfast in a relaxed fashion. Take your time eating so your stomach can signal your brain that it’s full and then get on with an amazing, energy-filled day!


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Toni T.
2017-11-09 04:02:50
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Michelle Y.
2017-07-17 15:11:38
Great staff. Knowledge and pleasant. Getting healthy after some crazy long days working over the past few years! Time to get fit!
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Jeicel G.
2017-06-27 22:25:54
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