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There are many low carb versions of foods that you couldn’t imagine are low carb—bread, granola, pasta and tortillas, among others. So you have to approach the food with a healthy dose of skepticism. I’ve been exploring the field of low carb bread products to see if there is such a thing, or if it’s the figment of some food company’s imagination.

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Starchy low carb foods such as breads incorporate more fiber into their product to help cut down on the net carb content of their food. However, when you do that, you start cutting into the flavor and texture of the product.  One bread product I tried (which will remain unnamed), tasted something like pressed particle board. It was extremely low in net carb count, but couldn’t honestly pass for edible. The bread felt moist, but once I put it into my mouth it was like chewing wood chips. I tried putting butter, cream cheese, peanut butter and even real jelly on it, but could not salvage it in any meaningful way.


Of all the bread products marketed as low carb foods that I’ve tried, by taste alone, Chompies is probably the best. The texture is a little spongy, but it chews well and the taste is not bad. It’s no freshly baked French baguette, but serves as a good enough vehicle for deli meats, peanut butter and French toast.

I think Chompies is fine for people in transition or in maintenance. I would not recommend having it on a daily basis.  But you know your body, so try it and see where it might fit into your routine.


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