Excellent Protein Sources

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good protein sourcesWhen you’re trying to lose weight, it’s essential to eat a protein-rich diet. Lean protein keeps you feeling full longer than most other foods and therefore curbs your appetite. In addition, it helps you increase your lean muscle mass, which ultimately makes your body burn more calories to help you lose weight faster. It’s clear why our weight management programs often focus on boosting your lean protein consumption.

It’s essential to eat the right kind of protein so you can garner all the excellent nutritional benefits. Here are a few sources recommended by our nutrition counseling center.

Fish and other seafood. Various fish and seafood dishes are great options for weight management programs since they are low in the kind of fat that’s bad for you, and rich in healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Opt for salmon, tuna and mackerel for a heart-healthy, hunger satiating meal.

Lean, Grass Fed Beef. Lean beef is rich in antioxidants such vitamins E, B-12 and C, and provides essential minerals such as iron and zinc. Opt for grass-fed since it won’t contain traces of hormones, antibiotics or any other drugs.

Eggs. At only about 80 calories each, eggs are extremely nutrient-dense, making them the perfect choice for breakfast. Have two with fruit or a source of high fiber grain to boost energy and stave off hunger.

Poultry. White meat poultry, like chicken, is another stellar source of protein. Chicken breasts can be cooked a thousand different healthy ways, and should be a staple of your diet.

Beans. Our nutrition counseling center recommends beans, aka legumes, because they are loaded with protein and soluble fiber, which slows down your digestion and curbs your appetite for hours on end. With a low sodium content and zero cholesterol, they make an ideal healthy food for those trying to lose weight. Try all types with your meals—lima, kidney, navy and garbanzo.

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