How to Make Weight Loss Resolutions That Last

Weight Loss Signpost Showing Fiber Exercise Fruit And CaloriesIt’s that time of year—you’re recovering from the holidays and you just know this is the year you will hit your target weight. Sound familiar? There’s a reason that weight loss is the most popular resolution of them all—while it may feel cliché to be one of the many who adopt this New Year’s resolution, it can transform your life when you really do achieve this goal.

Read on for three tips from our weight loss doctor for making your 2016 resolutions last.

1. Set a new mini-goal each week. Instead of trying to make 10 changes on day one of your resolution, set one small, specific goal each week. This makes it much more manageable and will help you change your overall lifestyle as the goals accumulate over time. For example, make this week’s goal to properly hydrate every single day or add a bottle of water into your daily consumption. The following week, add two or three workouts into the mix or strive to at consume least one serving of produce with each meal. It will be much easier to stay motivated by setting smaller, manageable goals.

2. Log it. One of the best ways to have a more mindful diet is to keep a meal diary in which you log everything you eat every single day. You may learn that you graze or snack more than you thought or that you’re drinking too many sugar-laden drinks. Research shows that those who keep a food diary have greater success with their diets, so why not try it out?

3. Do what it takes to motivate yourself. We all know what gets us excited about accomplishing our goals. Whether it’s buying  some cool workout clothes and shoes to make it more fun to hit the gym or setting up rewards for yourself for when you accomplish each mini-goal, determine what motivates you and incorporate it into your strategy. You deserve it!

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