The No Sugar Added Klondike Bar

This week, both of my medical assistants, Chris and Lili, offered to join in with the glucose monitoring. I decided to start the process of food testing with an easy one—a No Sugar Added Klondike bar (I do it all for the sake of science).

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There are a number of different ice cream products on the market, but none as iconic as the Klondike bar. I have to admit, I was a bit giddy about testing this food. My favorite dessert has always been ice cream and since going low carb years ago, I’ve only had it on rare occasions. The great thing about eating something you love so infrequently is that it tastes like the best thing in the world. I appreciate those moments all the more.


This No Sugar Added Klondike bar was no exception. At 8 in the morning, it was amazing! I’m sure if I tasted it right next to a “real” Klondike bar, it would be a noticeable disappointment, but by itself, it was fantastic.

glucose sugar free klondike

As you can see, the No Sugar Added Klondike bar did cause a noticeable rise in our respective blood sugar levels. The average blood sugar rise after the initial fasting measurement was 32 mg/dL, which I believe is fairly sizable. I was, however, able to maintain my state of nutritional ketosis.

ketone sugar free klondike

Next week: Stay tuned as we compare the No Sugar Added Klondike bar to the Original Klondike bar.



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