3 Benefits of Lean Protein for Weight Loss Management

lean proteinIncorporating lean protein sources into your diet provides a wide variety of health benefits, and helps you stay on track with weight loss management. When you’re striving to attain better health through nutrition, incorporating good sources of lean protein will help you lose weight, boost your energy levels and promote heart health. It’s an essential part of all healthy diets and weight management programs.

Basically, lean protein helps you avoid the high content of saturated fats that are found in many types of meat, and which raise LDL aka “bad” cholesterol levels in the blood. Some examples of choices that contain higher levels of saturated fat include fatty cuts of beef, pork and lamb, as well as ground beef, sausages, hot dogs, bacon and many processed luncheon meats. Instead opt for wild-caught fish such as salmon and tuna, skinless poultry, eggs, quinoa, and plant-based protein such as beans. Here are three reasons that these choices will benefit your health and help your with weight loss management.

1. Quick Weight Loss. When members come to our nutrition counseling center to lose weight, we recommend lean protein because it helps individuals feel fuller longer, staving off cravings and preventing overeating. In addition, studies show that lean protein may boost metabolism

2. Building muscle. Consuming lean protein helps build more muscle mass, which makes our bodies run more efficiently and burn more calories. A diet rich in lean protein helps us achieve better health through nutrition because all of our body’s building blocks are composed of protein. When we work out, we need protein to rebuild the muscles that we use. Consuming lean protein helps our muscles to recover faster, so we can work out again sooner

3. Heart Health. Much research shows that diets featuring adequate amounts of lean protein provide significant benefits to our cardiovascular health, such as lowering both blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Ultimately, this helps prevent heart disease and promote overall health.

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